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WELCOME TO 1st Class Imports LLC

LET US TAKE THE OPPORTUNITY TO TELL YOU A LITTLE BIT ABOUT OUR COMPANY: We have a strong commitment to customers, demonstrated by the professionalism of our sales staff and service department which has earned the dealership a large following of repeat customers.

1st Class Imports LLC has been in business since 2005 and works 6 days a week in order to provide every customer with as much help as they need from the moment they enter our store or website, to the moment they receive their vehicle.

The explosion in popularity around buying branded title cars is simply due to education.

Car buyers are more savvy than they once were about branded titles and the extraordinary value and safety they provide. How are car buyers suddenly getting smarter about car buying? It could be the growing media coverage celebrating branded title cars or it might be the thousands upon thousands of people now driving branded title cars who are enthusiastically talking about how much they love their branded title car.

This "brand" has nothing to do with the current condition of the vehicle. Regardless of how great the car runs and looks after having the damage removed and returned to new, the title will be branded forever. That is why smart car buyers can purchase great cars at significantly lower prices.

Branded title cars sell for lower prices even though they are exactly like their clean title counterparts. This gives wise car buyers a tremendous cost savings. This value proposition is why branded title cars have become so popular and are getting harder to find. That is why we specialize in branded title cars and trucks.

We started out as a certified repair facility for many insurance companies, and realized that there is a large demand for rebuilt vehicles when our customers started asking us to purchase and repair a vehicle for them, since it brought significant savings. Now most of our vehicles are purchased directly from insurance companies, with no major damages, only running vehicles, repaired in house with quality parts and to OEM specifications.

Every single one of our vehicles has been inspected by the OHIO STATE HIGHWAY PATROL and is given a clean bill of health!

ALL OUR VEHICLES COME WITH 60-DAY ENGINE AND TRANSMISSION WARRANTY. Each vehicle will have a description of what was replaced and you may contact us with any questions, at any time to insure you're happy with the vehicle of your choice.

Rebuilt title vehicles can be insured and financed as any other car, there is absolutely no difference, except for the price.

Please don't hesitate to call us with any questions you might have about the vehicle, financing, or any other obstacle between you and the vehicle of your choice. WE SPECIALIZE IN LATE MODEL, LOW MILEAGE VEHICLES BELOW WHOLESALE PRICES!


Thank You and we look forward to earning your business!

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